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How can video enhance your business?
I love children, but . . .

I love children, but . . . , a short autobiographical documentary about my hesitations to become a mother screened at the Boston International Film Festival.  Presented in a series of vignettes, this personal film uses inner reflections as a prism to look at contemporary parenting and changing expectations of women. 

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Marketing Science Institute

Marketing Science Institute (MSI) is “dedicated to bridging the gap between marketing science theory and business practice.”  They conduct interviews with leaders in the marketing field and we edit these interviews into short educational videos.  If you are interested in learning more about marketing and business, check out the collection: MSI Video

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Green River

Green River, a short documentary about phosphorus pollution in the Mystic River Watershed screened at the Boston Museum of Science and is being used by the Mystic River Watershed Association as an educational tool.

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